Creativity has followed me from the time I was a young girl. It started with a brave attempt in pastel. A drawing of every 1970s kid’s favorite collie, Lassie—but with a very flat nose. One summer, sitting at an easel in the garage of a neighborhood art class, I was introduced to art-making. Ever since those carefree days, art and design have been an inspiration in my life and career.
At the School of Fine Art, Auburn University, I earned a BFA with a concentration in graphic design. I then spent 10 years serving as a designer and senior graphic designer in several corporations in the engineering and technology industries. After relocating with my husband from Florida to New Jersey I enjoyed the flexibility of freelance work while raising our family. I’ve always had a drive to learn new ways of incorporating the things I love into my work. In 2013-2014, I spent time developing more than ten surface/pattern collections and introduced them at the Surtex art licensing show in New York City. Many of these and additional ones are available for product licensing.
I have continued to create patterns, illustrations and designs while collaborating on freelance design projects and expanding my studio painting time. My artistic, digital, and design expertise can provide you a partner capable of contributing to virtually any creative project. I would love for you to contact me right now if you are searching for an experienced artist or designer to work with.
Be sure to head over to to see my portfolio of paintings.